10 июля, 20:01

Хобби про футбол на английском языке

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  1. 10 июля, 20:35
    Я немного не понял что именно тебе надо, но надеюсь это то что нужно ⬇️

    Если что-то не так, прошу прощения))

    My favorite thing is to play football, watch matches of your favorite team. Football is the most popular sport in the world. Football collected a record pageviews worldwide. The world and European Championships - a real feast for the whole world. Different countries vie for the right to host the world Cup.

    From early childhood I play with friends in the yard. We can play non-stop from morning to night. Every day we try to learn new tricks and strive to become like (именна своих любимых не любимых футболистов можешь сам придумать, без разницы) "Zlatan Ibrahimovic" and "Zidane Zinedin".

    The footballer for which I am particularly ill - "Mesut Ozil". Football team Germany, who plays for Arsenal.

    I think that the person is good at what he loves to do, and so I want to become a professional footballer.
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