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Сочинение на тему: моё путешествие в Лондон

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    My journey on london the river Thames. Crossing the river by the Tower Bridge you can see the

    for its beautiful parks. Hyde Park is the most democratic park in the

    Tower of London, you can see Westminster Palace, or the Houses of

    of an hour. Buckingham Palace is the Queen’s official London residence.

    Westminster Abbey, the Houses of Parliament, Buckingham Palace, St.

    it is a museum of arms. On the bank of the Thames, not far from the

    a fine collection of European paintings. St. Paul’s Cathedral is the

    famous Big Ben, the largest clock of England. It strikes every quarter

    home of London Zoo.

    city. To the right of the square there is the National Gallery which has

    the most beautiful buildings in London. In one of its towers there is

    Paul’s Cathedral, London Bridge, the Tower of London. London stands on

    Parliament. It is the seat of the British government and it is one of

    centuries ago it was a fortress, a royal palace and then a prison
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