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Составь пересказ In England

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    Charlotte Brontfi (1816 - 1855)

    born in Yorkshire, England.

    After her mother's death in 1821, Charlotte was sent to school by her aunt.

    due to the poor conditions she was in poor health. After high school, Charlotte worked at first as a teacher and later was a governess

    She wrote many novels, such as the Professor (1857), Shirley (1849), Villette (1853) and her most famous novel Jane Eyre (1847).

    Jane Eyre tells the story of an orphan girl who was raised by her evil aunt and cousins. The book then follows Jane hard life in consequence of long suffering she finds love and happiness.

    Jane EIR one of the most famous books in English literature,

    it was also made many adaptations of this book.
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