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Не большое сочинение про Минск на 15 предложений на английском языке

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    Minsk - the capital and largest city in Belarus, the city, which is the official seat of the intergovernmental bodies of the Commonwealth of Independent States. Minsk today - modern, fast-paced city. The credo of the current city government: the main value of the city - its people; The main strategic goal - turning Minsk into a modern European city. The third millennium Minsk met among cities in the world with a population over 1 million. People. In the capital of Belarus, is home to about 17% of the population. Minsk is among the capital cities of Europe, which in the second half of the twentieth century. had the highest rates of population growth. In 1950 to 2005. the number of its inhabitants increased almost 6 times and exceeded 1 million. 760 thousand. man. The city's development during this period was of a universal character. As a result, he emerged as a multifunctional city. First of all, it is a major industrial center. Development of industrialization in the Soviet era, the rapid growth after World War II new and emerging industries: auto and tractor, machine tools, electronic industry, electronic engineering - all this has made the Belarusian capital in the "assembly shop" of the Soviet Union. The city made nearly a quarter of the country's industrial output. For capital industry is characterized by a high level of concentration of production, resulting in a legacy mainly from the late 40's - 80's. The twentieth century. Over a third of the total production of capital industry is focused on industry giant with more than 10 thousand. Employees.
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