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Сочинение на английском языке "Астана"

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    Astana is a modern city that is attractive for tourists and comfortable for residents and visitors of the capital of Kazakhstan, with a favorable environment. Astana became the capital of a new Kazakhstan in 1998 for a number of reasons. By the end of the 20th century, the former capital of the country - Almaty - faced a heap of problems hampering the further development of the city: the problem of overpopulation (over 1.5 million inhabitants); Transport overload of highways; Deteriorating environmental conditions. In addition, the dense building of the "Southern Capital" in practice did not leave room for modern development of the city. The choice in favor of Astana fell due to a number of decisive advantages: an extensive urban area, a good geographical location - proximity to the main economic centers of the country, significant demographic potential, well-developed transport infrastructure and a relatively favorable environment. From the history of the city of Astana The boundless steppes of Akmol have long been the place where different civilizations and cultures met and intertwined. "Father of History" Herodotus in his works mentioned the route through the Great Steppe (later known as the Great Silk Road), along which the caravans passed in these places. The development of handicrafts and handicrafts, the flourishing of trade in cities, traditionally traditionally exclusively occupied by livestock and agriculture, was facilitated by caravan routes through the Great Steppe. Five kilometers from modern Astana was discovered the medieval fortified settlement of Bozok, which can rightfully be called the millennial predecessor of the capital of Kazakhstan. Almost two hundred years ago, in the 30s of the XIX century in these steppes on the site of the village of Akmola emerged the city of Akmolinsk, which served as a military, commercial and economic center. With the development of virgin lands in the 60 years of the last century the city of Akmolinsk was renamed Tselinograd. In 1992, the city returns to the historical name of Akmola. With the acquisition on May 6, 1998 of the status of the capital of Kazakhstan, the city receives the name Astana, which means "Capital". So the ancient city of skilful masters, skillful traders and industrious grain growers became the center of the state, public and cultural life of a new, democratic sovereign Kazakhstan. Today Astana is not only a major management center of Kazakhstan, located at the intersection of the country's main development networks. It is a leading city that sets the tone for the innovative development of Kazakhstan. The city, which is the locomotive of transformation in Kazakhstan of the new millennium. Tourist pearl in the steppes.
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