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Текст на английском языке про Дубай

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    Dubai - sort of Heaven on EarthMy dream come true. In the summer of 2012 my parents and I flew to the United Arab Emirates. I just raved about this place, considering it a benchmark of luxury, wealth and beauty. Looking at the front say that my opinion has not changed niskolechko, but rather more in love with this country. Our trip took place in August, one might say, in the most " out of season ". Time for vacations and all that made their adjustments to plan a holiday. Well, save a little but. Wait indefinitely and that the airport ... plane landing ... five o'clock ... Sharjah. If anyone knows, it is one of the seven emirates. There was a long exhausting queues. We quickly checked the documents, " removed " the retina. When photographed, it still asked me, " Lins? " (Lenses?). Nothing you can not hide)) Immediately change money at the airport. At the exit of tourists expected tour operators with signs that sit in buses and transported to hotels. A pleasant surprise was the rosette, which gave each tourist!
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