18 августа, 18:00

Сочинение на английском "в здоровом теле здоровый дух"

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  1. 18 августа, 18:32
    Вот, держи, надеюсь помог
  2. 18 августа, 19:26
    Sport plays an important role in people's life. If you want to be healthy you should go in for sport. Every person chooses the kinds of sport according to their taste and character. Some people are fond of sport games, others prefer jogging. Some people like running or gymnastics. Nowadays it is very popular to exercise in sport clubs with trainer. Many clubs have baby rooms that is very convenient for mothers with children. I think each person must care about his health. It is very important as our health is our main wealth. If you are healthy you will be able to do everything you want.
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