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Написать сочинение на английском языке с переводом "как я буду проводить свои каникулы"

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  1. 9 февраля, 22:48
    This summer was the most memorable summer of my life. I spent it in my hometown with my best friends. The weather was just perfect: the bright sun and warm air, there was almost no rain. During the day we used to play football, volleyball, basketball, and in the evening we ran to the river by bicycle rides. They left the street at dawn and returned only at sunset, all day spent in the fresh air.

    I remember very much how my parents and I went camping into the forest: there we sang songs by the fire, we caught fish, slept in tents, lived side by side with nature.

    For this summer I learned a lot of good guys from my yard, we became friends with them. Among them was a very nice girl, I think I liked her. Unfortunately, she left in the middle of summer, but promised to return.

    And in August my parents and I flew to St. Petersburg. I first saw this wonderful city. We went on a lot of excursions, watched exhibitions of paintings, sculptures. Were in the theater on the play "Hamlet", I, of course, did not understand everything, but I liked the actors' play very much. We made a lot of photos with beautiful old buildings and churches. Most of all to me the Winter Palace and Peterhof, especially gardens and fountains. We also were on the ship Aurora, parents said that there was once a very important event associated with this ship.

    This summer I did not have to get bored-I learned to ride a horse, learned to play simple guitar songs, and my father and I flew by helicopter and sailed on a boat.

    But in addition to entertainment, I read a lot. I read various stories: about friendship, about love, about simple life, animals. I also read about the structure of man, about countries and peoples, about the organization of cars and equipment. Therefore, I think that I not only had fun this summer, but also with benefit and now I have a lot of important knowledge for me.

    I also had a new friend this summer. Grandfather brought me a little black puppy. He, of course, is still small, but he has very intelligent eyes and he understands very much, I taught him simple commands. He gives a paw, lies down, sits down, barks. But also not the main thing. The main thing is that you are loyal and devoted to me.
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