15 ноября, 21:08

Написать сообщение о любимой книге и о авторе.

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  1. 15 ноября, 22:03
    I am completely keen on reading. I try to read every day at least a few pages. I like fantasy stories and some adventurous stories. And there is a story of that kind I am eager to read over and over again. Its name is "Harry Potter." The story was written by a popular British writer J. K. Rowling. And it tells us about a little boy Harry who lives in a family of his aunt. One day he finds out that he is a wizard and should go to study to a school of magic - Hogwarts. And that's where the story begins. In the following 7 parts we get to know what a great wizard Harry is. He meets new friends, studies, does sport and conquer the most evil magician in the world. These books teach how to be friendly, loyal and strong. They show us how to face difficulties and how important a family and friends are. I love this book for all of this. I have already read it a few times. And I know that I will definitely read it once again.
  2. 15 ноября, 22:42
    Моя самая любимая книга ᕼᗩᖇᖇᑌ ᑭOTEᖇ! Это книга прекрасна и интересна! Там рассказывается о самом знаменитом мальчике Гарри Поттере! А автор этой книги Дж. Роулинг! Это просто восхитительная писательница! Она создает прекрасные книги!
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