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Написать восхищение о знаменитостях (на английском)

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  1. 12 августа, 21:29
    Everyone has heard of Bill Gates. He is

    one of the richest and most successful people in the world. He was born in

    America in 1955. He was the youngest and the most famous businessman at the age

    of 31.

    He has got a gray wild hair. Also, he

    has got grey eyes. He is very slim and well built.

    One reason for his success is that Gates

    has always been very ambitious and hardworking.

    For such a rich person, his life is simple, and he spends little on

    himself and his family. He often gives his money for different charity.

    At school Bill liked Maths and Science.

    After finishing school, Bill wrote program for the Altair. He invented the

    Microsoft company. If he has got free time he likes puzzles, golf and reading

    about science.

    I admire this person.
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