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7 августа, 17:39

15 предложений, как я провел свое лето. по английскому

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  1. 7 августа, 19:00
    I spent this summer really good. First of all, I was waiting for it during the whole school year. One day of my summer was really exciting. I called my friends and we went to th cinema. The film was very funny and we all were laughing. After that, we went for a walk. We had a cup of coffee in a caffee and then we went to the Gorkov's park. It was really good there. We were playing table tennis and having fun. But then it started raining and we ran away. My friend's house was not too far away from there and he invited all of us. We decided to order a pizza. Our choice was Margherita. When it came we found out we didn't have any money. My friend called his parents and they said that we could take some money from their room. Finally we paid for the pizza and ate it with great pleasure. It was one of the most funny moments of my life. I will never forget that day.
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