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Нужно 10 маленьких предложений на тему "Как я провел это лето" на английском

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    Almost everyone I know looks forward for summer holidays. It's the longest period of time during the year when people can do whatever they like. Some of them prefer to spend time away from the city in their country houses. Others choose to spend most of their summer at the seaside or travelling. Any of these holiday plans are suitable for me.

    Nearly every summer I spend a week or two at the seaside and about a month at my grandparents' place. This summer was no different. After the term exams I went to the Black Sea shore with my parents and one family we are friends with. We had a great time there.

    I love swimming more than any other activity. Even in winter I visit our local swimming-pool and it gives me so much pleasure to spend an hour swimming. This summer at last I've learned some basics of wind-surfing. Other than that we rode on a yacht that my father rented. It was a fantastic adventure.

    When we returned my parents drove me to the grandparents' country house, where I stayed for the rest of the month. My dad had some work to do in the city, so they couldn't stay. Time passed quickly there. Nearly every day I went to the local lake with my country friends to swim and sunbathe. At the end of my stay my skin was so brown that my parents hardly recognized me.

    After all it was a great and memorable holiday. I wish summer was all year round and perhaps I'm not the only one.
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