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2 августа, 05:20

Write how different products may be good or bad for health

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  1. 2 августа, 05:32
    Someone could have food alergecy on food, which could be healthy for someone.
  2. 2 августа, 06:55
    Humans are fighting against the pollution of the earth, but how can they remove dirt if they are polluted themselves?

    Nowadays more and more kinds of food are being produced. The fact is very sad, but here and there food is created synthetically. You can hardly find anything organic on a supermarket shelf.

    If one wants to stay healthy, he needs to pay attention to the ingredients listed on the back of the package in small lettering. If a certain product has some 'E's, then it is not organic and it would not be smart to buy it.

    Of course products without a packaging like fresh fruits and vegetables are a lot more safer to eat.

    The most important rule that I personally follow is drinking a lot of water every day.

    Good luck! Mind that small lettering on the back of the package and stay healthy!
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