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Топик на тему: "In a cafe" 10-11 предложений.

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  1. 7 мая, 05:46
    "In a cafe"

    I am a social person and I like gong out. One of my favorite plases to go are local cafes.

    In a cafe you can regain some energy by eating freshly made food, or warm up on a cold winter day with a cup of coffee.

    The atmosphere of the cafe is vey important for me. Some cafes are very busy, others are not - the people of such cafes make the atmospere.

    The personnel is very impornats for the guest to recive nice service. SOmetimes you can become friend with a waitor and get all the bonuses the cafe night have.

    One of my favorite places is "Dolce Vita" cafe. It is close to my house and serves fresh spaghetti.
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