17 июня, 23:47

Английский язык тема мой дом сочинение помогите написать

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  1. 18 июня, 00:19
    Our home is big. There is a big living room, bedroom, bathroom, kitchen. It's comfortable here. We live with the view on the street. There are no factories near to our home. That means we breath with the clear oxygen. We chose a good place, because near to us there is a school, a hospital, swimming pool, and several shops. I have a lot of friends. We play football, tennis, hida and seek.

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  2. 18 июня, 01:27
    Our house is very large and comfortable. Although it's got only one floor, it has all the amenities and space for each family member. There is a large entrance hall which has a clothes rack and shelves for shoes. Right from the hallway you will find yourself in the spacious corridor and if you turn right, you can enter the living room where we spend time together, watching TV or just talking about the day's events. If you go left, you will find yourself in the dining room where there is a large table and six chairs. Here we have lunch, breakfast and dinner. From the dining room you can go to our kitchen. It is spacious and very modern. We have a lot of household appliances: a fridge, a stove, a dishwasher, a mixer, a blender, a bread maker, a microwave and various necessary devices for cooking. Then you can pass in a small hall where you'll find the door to the bathroom and toilet. If you go right you'll see my room and my parents' bedroom. My room is wonderful, it is large and bright. I have everything I need: a computer desk, a sofa, two armchairs, a wardrobe, a large mirror and a lot of posters on the walls. The parents' room is also great, but I rarely go there. We have a wonderful home!
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