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29 июля, 23:10

Помогите написать сочинение про школу на английском для 4 класса!

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  1. 30 июля, 00:09
    School is very important in our life. Here you can learn a lot of interesting facts and languages. But school is not just a place where you can only learn and learn, it is very good time to meet your friends and talk with them. In our opinion school is very bad, but it's not true. With it you know many and many clever things! Maybe you don't now how to speak in English before it, and after you can speak on this language easily. Particularly you cannot agree with me because school spend your time, when you can walk with friends, etc. But if you don't go to school, you will be very silly in the future! For me school is very cool place and i love it!
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