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Напишете про Алматинскую башню на английском

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    In the sixties of the 20th century, Kok-Tube was called Verigin Mountain.

    You can climb on Kok-Tube both along the winding road and on the cable car. The cable car originates from the square near the Palace of the Republic (Dostyk avenue, corner of Abay avenue). It was built in 1967. The cable car stretches over part of the old city, built up by private houses, which is called "compote". This area is named because of the names of its streets: Apple, Grushevaya, Vishnevaya, etc. The length of the cable car is 1,727 m, the journey time is 6 minutes, for which you can observe the life of the city. At the bottom are green gardens, private houses, and beyond them stretch the endless city skyscrapers. The upper station is located on the territory of the park "Kok-Tube".

    On the slope of Kok-Tube mountain there is a famous 372-meter Almaty television tower - one of the original symbols of the city and its highest structure.
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