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Топик на тему "праздник" любой, 12 предложений.

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    People all over the world celebrate different holidays such as New Year's Day, Christmas or Easter because these celebrations are a part of their culture and people try to preserve these traditions.

    As for me, I enjoy celebrating holidays. For me, a holiday Is not just a day off but a special occasion. I feel its festive atmosphere. My favourite holiday is New Year My mom cooks a festive dinner, we give and receive presents. Before this holiday we set a fur-tree at home and decorate it. I enjoy the family meal which is the central part of our celebrations. When the Kremlin clock strikes 12 times we make a new year wish and strongly believe that it will come true. We went out and let off fireworks. It is exciting!

    In conclusion, I'd like to say that holidays are very enjoyable. During public holidays we don't go to school. Our parents don't go to work. We have lots of fun.
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