17 мая, 08:10

Опишите членов своей семьи. 5-10 предложений.

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  1. 17 мая, 08:34
    I want to tell you about my father. He is bald but wears a bread and a moustanche. His eyes are small but expressive. They are light blue, He has a long nose and a big mouth. His favourite colour is brown. He likes T-shirts. My father is a kindly man with a good sense of humour.
  2. 17 мая, 09:58
    My father has got a moustache. He is tall and thin. My mother has got hazel eyes and short dark straight hair. They both are in their late thirties.

    My grandparents are grey-haired: my grandfather is going bald, his eyes are hazel, he is tall; my grandmother is medium height, her eyes are blue, she has a wide forehead, long straight hair which she wears in a bun. They both are in their late fifties.
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