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Здраствуйте помогите составьте рассказ на тему:My profile

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  1. 23 сентября, 04:58
    My name is Denis. My surname is Ivanov. I live in Russia, in Astrakhan. Astrakhan is very old, but it's a beautiful city. There is the Kremlin in our town. In the Kremlin there are seven towers, it has the pentagon form. In the old times all city was in the territory of the Kremlin, and around the river Volga. The river Volga is very beautiful, a lot of fish in it. I like to fish. Sometimes my family and I go fishing.

    My family is my mum, my father and my brother. My brother is 4 years. His name is Dima. He is very cheerful and noisy. I have a grandmother, a grandfather and a great-grandmother. I like to visit them. My great-grandmother was at the Second World War. She hasa lot of medals. She is very kind and fair. She bakes tasty pies. I have got a cat. It's name is Gerda. Gerda likes to sleep. She is fluffy and can purring.

    My birthday is on October, 31st. I am 10 years. This year I had a birthday party at the caf?. There we ate pizza, and then played. We had a beautiful birthday cake. Ten candles burned on the cake. My friends presented me many gifts: books, games. My birthday party was cheerful and funny.

    I study in Lyceum number two. I like to study there very much. In our Lyceum teachers are kind and good, and in my class I have many friends.

    I like to read books. My favorite books are: "Harry Potter's" and "Stalker". I like to play the computer. On Saturdays and Sundays my family and I go to the cinema or walk, and in summer in parks and on beaches. We spend weekends well.

    In summer I usually visit many interesting places. This summer I was in the city of Pyatigorsk. We went on excursions, were in the Museum of Butterflies and drank mineral water. We went on excursion to Kabardino-Balkaria by the bus. I visited Elbrus, the highest mountain. It was fine, but cold. It's very interesting to see snow in summer. We were on Blue Lake. Water was blue and pure there. Then we visited a Thermal Lake. Th e lake had warm water. It' s medical.

    Even this summer I went to the sanatorium in the city of Gelendzhik. It's near the Black sea. I had a rest and was treated. We went to swim in the sea every day. It's very beautiful there - the warm sea and the bright sun.
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