19 ноября, 23:16

Письмо на английском о друге

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  1. 19 ноября, 23:23
    Dear Helen,

    Holu are the things going on? Did something new happeng life? Haung receiued your letter, i wanted to answer it immediately. But i was worcing a lot during the last two weeks. So i was pressed for time and not manage to carry out my intentions.

    In my country spring has already set. It is quite warm and really sunny all days long. Being atwork i always imagine myself strolling down some parks. I wish you could join me! It would be funny! Some days ago my friend aduised me to read a uery interesting book. I did it and i would like you to know this author. Are yiu read good litterature?

    Tell me more about your work and free time. Are you satisfied with all this? What are your plans for this summer? Maybe we will be able to meet one day?
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