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нужно написать сочинение на тему "какая наша россия?"

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    Russian Federation--greatest on the area of territory country in the world. It is located in two parts - - Europe and Asia. More precisely speaking, Russia occupies considerable part of east Europe and north part of Asia. I love the Russian rivers and lakes most. The main rivers are in European part of Russia--it is Volga, Don and Dnepr. Volga--the greatest river is in Europe. The Russian people name it a mother--by the river. And Baykal--deepest lake in the world. Baykal is a very beautiful and polnovodnoe lake. As I want to look its beauty by the eyes!

    Russian sights and monuments of old times also very beautiful. One of main sights of the capitals of Russia--it is Kremlin. There is a lot of historical places in him. Red area--it is a historical and architectural center of Moscow. Place of parades and demonstrations. There are Mausoleum of Lenin and Historical museum on the Red area, where different historical exhibits and monuments are. On the south side of the Red area raduet another look from characters of Moscow - - wonderful Pokrovskiy cathedral.

    Large theater--one of the eldest theaters in Russia. All of his history--it is history of development of the Russian musical culture. Operas of Glinki, ballets of Chaykovskogo, went here. People to get tickets in this theater uneasily. All of it quite means that Russian operas and ballets scored off in the world.
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